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Alteration of the Accommodation Application / Contract, by way of Forgery, Misinterpretation or any fraudulent action made to obtain an assignment which contradicts the allocation requirements as expressed in this Agreement is subject to Hostel Disciplinary Action. This includes the loss of the privilege to reside in the chosen unit and expulsion. Applicants are encouraged to report evidence of fraud and dishonesty to the Facility Manager.
1.1 Room allocation could be single or shared. Single allocation means single occupant in a room. Shared allocation means that the chosen room will be shared equally with other occupants of the room. Occupants in shared rooms have equal privileges.
1.2 Should a vacancy subsequently occur in the selected living unit at any time, the Hostel reserves the right to assign an additional resident to fill the vacated space in that unit.
1.4 Should it be necessary to re-sell student bed on behalf of the student, GHL will only refund 75% of the due amount.

This Agreement is for the occupation of a bed in any room. It remains in effect even in the event of official room change. Residents are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrate due regard for other residents and guests. All rules of the Hostel, including those contained in the University regulation are incorporated in this Agreement.

3.1 This Agreement shall be for a period not more than one (1) academic year using the respective University’s academic calendar as basis, unless approved by Management. It begins on the first day of the academic year and ends on the last day of the academic year, that is, the move-in-date for the occupant resident and ending at the published time for the move-out-date. In the case of student occupant, the occupancy period does not include any intercession periods when his/her institution is officially closed. Occupants (Short Stay) are requested to state their move-in and move-out dates on the short stay attached allocation form and such dates shall be deemed incorporated in this Agreement. Failure to move out within the prescribed period or following withdrawal, will result in a GH¢50.00 per day fine, plus daily rental fees. In either case the Hostel will not be responsible for the resident’s belongings and reserve the right to confiscate and dispose of belongings left behind.
3.2 Any occupant who wants to extend his/her occupancy beyond the Agreement period shall notify the Court Officer or the Facility manager not less than two (2) weeks prior to the expiration of the existing Agreement. Failure to provide adequate notification within the prescribed period will result in a fine before such renewal will be effected.

4.1 A resident may cancel this Agreement with written notification only prior to a Hostel accommodation being assigned by the Facility Manager to him/her. After a Hostel assignment has been made, Agreement and financial obligations cannot be cancelled by the resident. A resident may request and be given an early Termination of the Agreement but only for the following reasons and under the circumstances stated.
1. Sickness
2. Emergency at home
3. Full-time internship or job placement that requires off-hostel housing.
A resident who leaves the Hostel must first terminate the Occupancy Agreement by submitting official notification of proof of reason to the Facility Manager. The room must be vacated and left in good order, and keys must be returned to the Front Desk Officer. The resident must leave within 24 hours after officially declaring his intention to leave /withdraw or by the end of occupancy date, whichever is sooner.
Resident taking a leave of absence or withdrawal from the Hostel will be charged GH¢50.00 termination fee plus the prorated room rate. Rent refund is such that, 80 percent is refunded within fourteen (14) days after room occupation/allocation; 70% between 15 days to thirty days; 60% between 30 days and 42 days, and no refund after 42 days.
4.2 The Hostel reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and repossess the room/bed for failure to pay accommodation fees or for vacation of a room. In case of room vacation there will be no refund.

5.1 Ghanaian full and part-time registered students regularly enrolled at a recognized institution.
5.2 International full-time and part-time registered students regularly enrolled at a recognized institution.
5.3 Any other person the Hostel authorities deem appropriate to admit into residency. e.g. National Service Personnel, Students on internship etc.

This Agreement shall not be assigned or transferred. Room occupation shall not be more than the number of people officially assigned to a room. If during this term of occupancy, an agreement is terminated/student decides to leave, the remaining students shall accept an assigned new occupant as their roommate. If an existing student or a group of students fail to accept the new assigned roommate, they will be subject to displainary action that may include termination of the Agreement. No change in occupancy shall be made without the prior approval of Management. The Hostel reserves the right to change the room capacity either permanently or temporarily. Reassignment of occupant to other room/bed is subject to availability, schedule, and authorization by Management.

7.1 A resident is required to check in and check out formally at the front desk lodge. Students checking- in must adhere to the following;
a. Submit your room allocation coloured print out with a duplicate copy of official GHL receipt for your key at the front desk office
b. Ensure that you are the right person whose photo is displayed on your Student ID card. Any impersonation is tantamount to Termination of Agreement and forfeiture of room.
c. Sign in by completing the check- in book and obtain your inventory sheet for completion when moving into the room.
d. You are to complete and return your inventory sheet within three (3) days after moving into the room. Failure to submit on time will result in the withholding of your refundable rental fee.
e. Students shall vacate their rooms according to the Universities academic calendar.
f. Before moving out, a resident is required to remove all refuse and discard materials, leaving the room as clean as it was before occupation. Refrigerators must be emptied, cleaned and the plug switched off. Should a room be still occupied when it is a check-out time all property belonging to such occupant or group of occupants shall be required to pay for the number of days stayed in default. Failure to pay will result in the occupant being forcibly dislodged from the room.
g. Belongings left behind after official checkout or after the expiration of occupancy agreement, will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of by the hostel with no liability.
h. When a roommate moves out, while the other(s) remain(s), each is equally responsible for cleaning the room. If the room is not found to be in acceptable condition during inspection, cleaning service will be provided and the resident will be surcharged for the entire cost.
i. Occupants who fail to submit their room keys after the end of each semester shall be surcharged for a period not less than 6 weeks.

All charges must be paid before occupant moves into residence. For the avoidance of doubt, charges are divided into three components which are Rent, Common Area Maintenance, (CAM) and Utility. The utility component of the charges entitles the occupant to enjoy the supply of water and electricity in a semester. Any extra consumption of this utility over and above the initial deposit for a given period will be charged against the occupants. Occupants shall also pay a refundable key deposit against damages and a software management fee as determined by the management of Ghana Hostel Limited before moving into occupancy. The key deposit payment against damages may be refunded upon clearance of the occupant (s) by the Court Officer/FDOs at the time/date of check out.

The Facility Manager / Court Officer / or any other official of the hostel, in the company of a Security Guard, may at their discretion inspect /check any room at any time of the day or night and inspect a student’s belongings in his/her the presence if the situation so warrants.
9.1 The hostel officials mentioned above, reserve the right to enter any room for the purpose of inspection, establishment of order, repairs, maintenance, inventory correction, cleaning, or in case of emergency or for any other reasonable purpose. Occupants shall not deny access to the hostel personnel and authorized artisans in the attempt to perform their duly assigned obligations.
9.2 Resident privilege to receive guest is subject to the following limitations;
a. A resident may not pressure or force a roommate to tolerate the presence of a guest.
b. The presence of a guest must not inhibit the free access of the legitimate occupants to all common spaces in the room. This act infringes on the right of the roommate to remain undisturbed.
c. Guest shall be received and entertained in the common areas.
d. Occupants intending to host a guest must first seek the consent of the roommate(s) and/or approval of the Facility Manager of such an arrangement. The stay of this guest must not exceed 24hours.
e. In the absence of official permission by the Facility Manager, all guests and visitors shall vacate the hostel by 10.00pm.

10.1 The hostel shall not be liable for any damages or loss of personal property in the common area, outdoor areas, rooms, car park, storage facilities or mail boxes assigned. Occupants are strongly advised not to share their room keys with friends. This could be a recipe for theft.
10.2 Occupants are jointly liable for all damages that are caused to the room or any furniture/furnishing/fixtures therein. Occupants are liable for the cost of repairing damage to the room or building. Removal of common area furniture, pasting of wall papers, adhesives, painting, laying of carpet, equipment, fixtures, etc. are all forbidden. Violators will receive a heavy fine or be expelled from the hostel.
10.3 The Court Officer/Front Desk Officer shall provide keys of the allotted rooms to the respective students. The Student is personally responsible for the safety of his/her valuables and these should be kept in the cupboard under lock and key. The Student should not leave mobile phones, ornaments and other valuables unguarded. Student should not change lock and key without permission of the Court Officer. Occupants are advised to utilize the tower bolts on the front and back of the door and to lock safely with padlock to safeguard their properties. During the night it is advisable to lock your room from inside for safety.

The room(s) shall be used only for study and living purposes and not for sales, office, service area, or for storage of merchandise. Soliciting and peddling in the residence are strictly prohibited, unless approved by the Facility Manager.

12.0 PETS
The presence of pets in the residence is prohibited.

Occupants shall not engage in any acts which amount to nuisance or inconvenience to other user(s) of the hostel. These acts include drumming, whistling, noise making, smoking in the room or inside the building, quarrelling, intimidation or violence, shouting, dumping of refuse on the corridors, the use of and dealing in narcotic drugs or banned substances or harboring any person who engages in criminal activities. Violators shall be sanctioned including expulsion from the hostel without refund of the monies paid.

Possession, storage or use of firearms or dangerous weapons are prohibited and subject to immediate termination of Occupancy Agreement, removal from the residents, and criminal prosecution.

The use of electrical appliances such as immersion heaters and electric stove/burners are forbidden, defiance of which shall compel the Facility Manager or his representative to confiscate the gadget forthwith.

a. Students are allowed to accommodate their guests in their rooms, but not to sleep overnight. b. Perching is strictly not allowed. Any room hosting a ‘percher’ would have all the room members sanctioned accordingly. Collective responsibility shall apply. c. Very severe sanctions will be invoked for the infraction of this regulation

Students/occupants should be decently dressed at all times when they are out of their rooms. As there is no prescribed uniform for students, GHL advisedly relies on the maturity and morality of the student body. It is the belief of management that the life of a University student must not only be gravitated towards knowledge acquisition, but raising their moral standards for a better Ghana.


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